2013, You’ve Been Great.


Everything Edmonton has been a big part of 2013 for us. In case you don’t know, E.E. is project focusing on interesting and unique local businesses in Edmonton that are lead by passionate people. Portraits are taken of people (typically owners or founders) within the walls of their workplace/storefront/creation. We’re gearing up to show the project as an exhibition in 2014. Details to be set, but likely early March. Subscribe for email updates on the project: here  

Craft Beer. ‘Nuf said.


A few trips in 2013, though mostly personal. New York and Hawaii were amazing. A few shorter trips within Canada yielded fantastic portrait opportunities. Here’s a couple photo highlights

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2014 is definitely looking like a big year for travel for both of us personally and professionally. More on that as it happens!


We’re both formally educated in photography, but we owe lots of our knowledge to the internet and photographers and retouchers all over the world that share their knowledge. We want to do the same for the contemporaries that will follow us and improve the craft of photography all around. Here’s a few tutorials and freebies that were quite popular this year.

(We’re continuing to work on Recipe Book tutorials in 2014, so keep an eye out for those!)


Thinking is good. Here’s some of our more popular posts that focused on the philosophy and psychology behind being a photographer.


Thank you all for your fantastic support. 2013 has been a wild ride. We’re even more excited for 2014! Have a happy rest of your holiday and all the best of luck in the New Year.


-Bryan and Thomas

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