5 Nightmares (if you’re a Photographer)

Happy Halloween!

There’s a lots of scary stuff that can happen in the tech and logistic department when you’re a photographer, which is why SO many failsafes and backups are necessary if you’re doing this professionally, and even if it’s personal memories or fun snapshots (all photos hold value).

We thought we’d celebrate the spooky holiday with a small collection of the scariest things ever (if you’re a photographer, that is).

If any of these make you too queasy, then check out our workflow post for some best practices & tips: Making Your Photo Workflow Work For You



— Persona (@personasama) October 31, 2014







…and this, though I can’t say from personal experience.


  Client says: “we handle all our own photoshop work.”

Stuff like this happens…  target featured from Target Photoshop Fail from Huffpost Style Canada


We hope you got a kick out of this list! We wish you a safe and happy Halloween, free of accidental memory card formats and bad selfies.


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