A Creative Advertising Concept Photo… in a shower

I previously mentioned in the Steal Like An Artist post that I had the desire to do a series of illustrative photographs representing “sci-fi-esque” future products. The following advertising concept photo came out of that same thought process.


Have you ever been caught in the shower with your thinking cap on, and had a wonderful idea – only to forget it once you’ve finished! Phones and tablets are great for jotting down memos, or even paper notebooks if you’re into that kind of thing, but you can’t always have them with you.

That’s where Memo-RE comes in!!

See, we carefully implant a wi-fi enabled data chip into the memory centre of your brain. THEN, when your next great idea hits you, just think your personal capture phrase, and we’ll start recording your thoughts to be available at your perusal later on!

Come down to our installation centre today, where are friendly staff will always remember that service… starts with a smile.

*cheezy jingle music*



A big thanks to Anthony Houle for being an excellent actor/model, allowing me to really pull off the look I had envisioned.

Here’s a BTS shot, showing my boomstand and stripbox crammed into the small space.

 How do you keep track of your ideas? Notebook, word documents, post-its, Evernote?? Comment below!




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