Adventures in Lighting and Processing – A Series on Reverse-Engineering Photographs

Becoming a great photographer involves constantly experimenting and developing your craft. Regardless of your experience, if you are stagnant in your photography, you’ll go the way of the dodo (in my opinion). Thomas and I are relative newbies of course, but our excitement over learning and developing new techniques makes up for experience in a lot of regards.

Like a person learning to play a song by listening to an album over and over again, Thomas and I appreciate the importance of reverse-engineering photographs; analyzing the lighting and post-processing to understand the look achieved. This photo is the result of one of those reverse-engineering experiments. Keep your eyes peeled for re-occurring updates in this category

One nice thing about being part of a team is that the other person is always there to stand in for a lighting test.

‘Thomas Lighting Test’ copyright Cooper & O’Hara 2013

The inspiration for this setup coming from Dean Bradshaw’s series Genius.

For more thoughts on the idea of benefitting from copying or “stealing” work, check out the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon





p.s. That’s Thomas’ new Fuji X100 in his hands there. Taking advantage of the new Fuji X100s coming out, he got a hell of a deal. 🙂

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