Adventures in Lighting and Processing Part 2

Bryan and I have found time in our busy schedules to expand on our last blog post and Break down another talented photographer’s style.   This time we tried to emulate the style of Dan Winters.  Dan Winters opened up the world of portraiture and lighting for me. His ability to not only add light, but subtract it when needed makes him stand out from the pack.  I find myself getting lost in his images and transported into the story and the person in the frame.  To me this is what every portrait should strive to do.

Bryan and I also jumped at an opportunity to play with a Phase One camera.  Let me just say, I now understand why they are priced so high.  Without geeking out too much, I will say I have never seen sharper files in my life. On the other side of that I will say that it is leagues behind Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and pretty much every other camera on the market in terms of functionality.  My Hope is that someone else in the market will put out some competition in the medium format world, forcing Phase to pick up their game.


Below is the finished product.  It amazes me how much you can learn every time you break down someone else’s style.  If you are a photographer, I strongly encourage you to take time to attempt some of your favorite photographers styles.   Anything you do for that matter can be improved by figuring out how the best do it.


-Cheers T

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