Balancing Work and Pleasure

So as you might know, if you read my previous post, Travelling as a Photographer, I am vacationing in Maui with my girlfriend’s family.  It is always great to be by the ocean enjoying the warm weather. However, it is sometimes difficult to get a lot of photography work done when you are always with people.  For example, you never want to hold up dinner for that perfect sunset shot.  Nor do you want to be pulling people from their beach sleep to model for you.  This makes it extremely difficult to get “Portfolio” shots done on a family vacation. Balancing work and pleasure is difficult for photographers under many circumstances, but especially a vacation.

I have chosen to use it as a chance to experiment with different techniques.  I have been getting up at 6:30 in the mornings to head down to the beach before anyone is awake and just shoot pictures for me.  It is refreshing and filling my head with inspiration.  Lately I have been attempting to get wave shots without an underwater housing.   It’s a great rush to pull your $2500 camera away from the rushing ocean just as it rolls past.

Hopefully the camera makes it long enough to perfect it.



Hawaii Wave