Browsing the Web

I’ve decided to create a list of a few of my favorite websites.  Take a look at these for inspiration and technical knowledge. – Phlearn is the best place to learn Photoshop.  The best part is most of it is free! – One of the best photography blogs.  It is updated regularly and filled with relevant information. – Joey L. is a very talented photography, and his blog does not disappoint.  It is filled with technical know how and is laid out fantastically. – Strobist has created a great resource for anyone looking to understand lighting. The lighting 101 section will get anyone up to speed with light. – Photo concentrate has a very aesthetically pleasing site that contains a number of useful articles helping with everything from business to workflow. – Fstoppers is the facebook of the photography world.  I go there whenever I have no other web address to type in.  Often times it leads to a great article. – If you are trying to learn video look no further then this blog!



These websites are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many fantastic resources out there.  Take time to read through some of these, and I guarantee that you will improve as a photographer.


P.S.  The feature Image really has nothing to do with the blog.  I have recently been looking through some older pictures though, and it stood out to me.




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