Building Your Own Light Modifiers

Cooper & O’Hara are going into manufacturing!

Using only the latest in cardboard and tinfoil technology the R&D team at Cooper & O’Hara have developed the “Jumbo” Mini Softbox!

Okay, so not really, but we did build these DIY mini softboxes for a reason (not to sell them).

Granville Island – False Creek Raspberry Ale
Granville Island, BC | Fruit Ale

The mini strip boxes provided the optimum shape of light to rim those bottles how we wanted. Sometimes making something from scratch is the best way to get what you need. Building your own light modifiers is not only inexpensive, but doesn’t have to mean lesser quality of light.

The Beer

We are pretty into craft beer here at C&O. The selection of unique and complex craft beers available on the market is vast.

Much like books, movies, breakfast cereal, and the like, beer brands have to convince you that you can judge a beer by its cover label.

Lately we’ve been experimenting with photographing the interesting bottles of brews that we try. After all, we believe that photography at its best is not a medium/artform that lives in a vacuum, but rather, it must be suffused with your other outside interests.

The DIY Softbox

The concept of a softbox is pretty simple. Diffused material covering an opening in a box with a light source inside. The opposite side of the hollow shape is usually covered with reflective material so that the light output is more efficient.

We wouldn’t recommend using a regular sized cereal box – it would be too shallow. But these double sized cereal boxes were just the right dimension. This DIY project requires little more than a cardboard box, scissors, paper, tape, , tinfoil, and a flash that can be fired off camera (I suppose you could also modify this to use a lamp). The flashes fire from a hole in the top, but the light is actually spread very evenly across rectangle because it’s reflecting from the tinfoil.

Is it perfect? No. Does it still make great light? YUP!

Check in soon for more blog posts featuring our latest Craft Beer samplings.