Chasing the Holy Grail of Photography



Photography is a weird craft. It is easy to feel on top of the world one week to barely adequate the next. A famous photographer’s images can sometimes seem similar to your own work and sometimes their skill feels utterly unattainable. The thing about photography, and art, is this is a feeling you should embrace. What keeps me shooting is knowing that the next photo could be the best photo I ever take. The musician, Ben Harper, was once asked what he thought the best song he ever wrote was.  He said the next one.


Whenever I get this feeling that our work isn’t good enough I have learned it means I am yearning for a different perspective, a new colour palate, or different subject matter.  I know that I have to get out there and push my creative boundaries.  The only cure for this feeling is to shoot more.


The honest truth is that sometimes experimentation just produces shit.  This doesn’t matter though.  Every time you create something you don’t like you are one attempt closer to creating something you do like.


This is the holy grail of photography.  This is why it is so addictive.  This is why you spend thousands of dollars on lenses, cameras, online courses, and books.  You are trying to buy a chance at that next great photo that is just on the tip of your finger.


Don’t make excuses.  Just keep shooting.  You may never get that perfect picture you dreamed about, but the pursuit is more fun anyway.

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