Cooper + O’Hara 2014 “The Times They Have Been A-Changin'”

Happy New Years Eve! Whether you love Auld Lang Syne, or avoid New Years parties like the plague (like John Oliver), I think it’s safe to say this time of year lends itself to nostalgia, and we find it fun and educational to go back and review all the experiences and changes that take place in a calendar year.


2014 was a big year for both of us. Personal growth and events that will happen once in a lifetime (heck, Bryan got married!), and the business, which is still relatively new, started coming into it’s own with lots of amazing opportunities for work and travel. So without further ado here’s a few highlights of some things that happened in 2014 (at least what we’ve been able to share on the blog – unfortunately sometimes wecan’t share everything we want due to commercial client exclusivity etc.).


We were lucky to collaborate with some very talented creatives at Ad Agencies, and Magazine Publications, including our first print publication in the January 2014 issue of Avenue!


among others, here’s some editorial work from this year:




Thomas went to Uganda, Kenya, & Iceland on behalf of Cooper + O’Hara, first doing photography and videography for a group at UBC, and then biking around Iceland for a bike rental company!



We had our first photography exhibition, and it raised $1000 for charity! (Announcing Everything Edmonton Show!)



a few personal related things:


Thomas released a CD with his band, The Northmen!


Bryan’s Dad retired after teaching for 33 years, and they did a personal photo series

together to capture that element of his life (Make the Image Only You Can Make)

Thomas made it to his 20th country in the last 4 years of travel during his trip to Europe

(Europe Part I Travel Update, Part II)

Did we mention Bryan got married? 

here he is with his wife, Jessica

photo credit to the immensely talented Kaihla Tonai

photo credit to the immensely talented Kaihla Tonai


Some shoots that we really enjoyed and are very proud of include:


We also did some philosophizing and talking about what it’s like being photographers:

Why Are Other Photographers More Successful? – Internet Insecurity (and how can you overcome that self-doubt)

The (super)Powers of Still Photography



Travel is very important to us, and this year was full of travel for us. To finish off, here’s a final tally (off the top of our heads) of all the places we went.


Victoria, Vancouver, Manzanita (Surfing Woo!), San Diego (x2), Los Angeles, Maui, Vegas, Mulago, Rusinga Island, Reykjavik & Iceland’s Ring Road,  Portland, San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Normandy, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Venice, Cinque Terre, & many more small spots in between. 🙂



Lastly we’d like to say thank you so much for the support, you guys are amazing. We don’t make resolutions, per se – we make goals – and a lot of our goals for 2015 involve how we interact with you on the blog and having a stronger presence here and on our instagram account (@cooperandohara) as well. We’ll be posting frequently – typically we try Tuesday and/or Thursday and occasionally the Sunday Share posts – so come by often to say hey! There will be contests, educational material, and much more. Stay tuned!


Happy New Years!




p.s. we’re launching a re-design of the website within the week. We have our fingers crossed it’s only a couple days away from being up!

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