Cooper + O’Hara Demo Editorial Photography at NAIT

A couple weeks ago we were invited to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to do a lecture and demo for the Photography program. Specifically we were asked to talk about Editorial photography. We were incredibly excited to teach and share some of our knowledge.


In addition to lecturing about what opportunities exist in the world of editorial photography, we set up a demo, shooting one of the photography tech students dressed up in coveralls and PPE in the Instrumentation Engineering lab, a part of the NAIT Spartan Centre, as if it was for a magazine like NAIT’s techlife.






Some people, whether it be in the photography industry or elsewhere, feel like if they hoard their knowledge then they’ll forever have a competitive edge against their would-be rivals. That’s stupid.


If we’ve learned anything about education and learning it’s that if you give you will get as much back in return. Also, we’re not afraid to talk about our journey and help other young photographers find their way because we know that if they succeed we also succeed. There is lots of work to go around, and if more photographers are educated (and thereby educating the client on good practices) and making good work then everyone is better off.


*Steps off of soap box*

“we know that if they succeed we also succeed”


If you’re interested in what it was we said about Editorial photography you can view our lecture slides below

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Speaking of teaching and learning – what would you like us to talk about more on the blog for 2015? Comment below!


-Bryan & Thomas

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