Cooper + O’Hara Photograph for Cavalia Odysseo’s Edmonton Tour

Cooper + O’Hara were brought on as the official photographers for Cavalia Odysseo when their tour was in Edmonton from July to September, and now we’re SO EXCITED to finally share a bunch of images that we captured during that time.




Normand Latourelle, founder of Cavalia, in the training tent with one of the performing horses – in this case a pure-white Arabian horse.


A portrait in the saddle room of Cavalia’s founder Normand Latourelle.



One of the artists braids a horse’s hair during the stable tour which takes place after Cavalia Odysseo’s show, available to Rendez-vous Tent Ticket Holders. These horses were treated with such respect and care and you can sense the incredible bond between performers/trainers and horse. It was great to see behind-the-scenes of such a huge show. Even though it’s a large production everyone is like family!


In addition to photographing the performances and doing some portraits we photographed a few additional things “around” the show, for Cavalia. This included, among others, the sponsor’s advertising placement so those ad buyers could see the kind of coverage they get at a big show like this. Also candid photos of people enjoying the Rendez-Vous Tent and show, with those images being included in press releases. We also photographed the stage from all different angles so that Cavalia would be able to show ticket purchasers on their website what a seat section would really look like. Photographing the show alone was great, but we also enjoy creatively working in as much value as possible for clients


Photographing for Cavalia Odysseo was a fantastic experience and we wish them all the best luck of luck in their travels on tour. Come back to Canada soon!


Did you see the Cavalia show when it was in Edmonton? And what did you think? Comment below!


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