Craft Beer Photography Roundup #1

As we mentioned in Building Your Own Light Modifiers, we are lovers of beer. Now is a great time to be an adventurous beer drinker. The market is bursting with tons of craft beers from both old and new microbreweries. Whether or not you’re a fan of the trend, there’s definitely some great brews out there. We hope you’re introduced to something new with this craft beer photography project of ours.

Much like books, movies, breakfast cereal, and the like, beer brands have to convince you that you can judge a beer by its cover label.

Here’s our first roundup of interesting craft beers we picked up.

McAuslan Brewery – Griffon Ale Extra Blonde
Montreal, Quebec | American Blonde Ale

“Back in 1996, Griffon Extra Pale Ale earned a medal at the World Beer Cup. Ever since, it has held its crown as one of Canada’s top premium beers. Its bright golden hues and distinctive refreshing taste come from its perfect balance of hops and malt. Make it your own championship beer.”

This is an American Blonde Ale with a very refreshing carbonation that leaves a fine taste and feeling on the tongue. The flavour is traditional, and familiar – reminding us of Molson and Bud, but smoother and stronger, even though that’s a bit of a contradiction. We had heard of McAuslan Brewing for their Ste Ambroise beers, but never Griffon. We’d be lying if we didn’t say the bottle and it’s Gryphon is what intrigued us most about this beer. The swirls of beer look a bit like fire too, no?

Anchor Brewing Company – Anchor Bock Beer
San Francisco, CA | Bock Beer

“Anchor Bock® Beer is brewed from a complex blend of malts, and fresh, whole-cone hops. In the ancient bock tradition, the dark-colored brew is released in time for springtime celebrations. Bock beers are believed to have originated in the town of Einbeck, Germany and traditionally feature a goat on their labels.”

The Steam Beer® from Anchor Brewing Company is delicious, so were were intrigued by the story behind the Bock Beer variant. The beer is definitely a strong and dark brew with hints of bitter chocolate and wood flavours, more akin to Autumn or Winter beers. It was a little out of place in Summer, personally, but we enjoyed it none-the-less.

Granville Island – False Creek Raspberry Ale
Granville Island (Vancouver), BC | Fruit Ale


“an ultra-refrehing summer ale that combines premium malt and hops with Fraser Valley raspberries. Well-balanced with raspberry colour, aroma and finish, it pairs well with summer salads, fresh air and sunny afternoons.

This seasonal beer is perfect for those patio beers, so grab one while the weather is still good! The combination of the ale and raspberry flavour (which is actually a tart, not sweet character) gives this beer a natural tang. The beer is a spring/summer distributed seasonal beer, but you still might be able to catch it somewhere. Just look for the pink box!

In Edmonton, you might try Sherbrooke Liquor, The Keg N’ Cork, or City Cellars


We hope you enjoyed our unique product photography. Our intention was to give these craft brews the epic look that they deserve. Stay tuned for more craft beer roundups.

For those photo nerds out there, here’s a behind-the-scenes of our setup:

Not much to look at eh? We photographed these in a closet so that we could do some light painting with the flashlight!




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