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More photos from the ongoing Everything Edmonton project!

DaDeO is a great New Orleans style diner and bar located on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. They serve amazing cajun and creole food – and these great sweet potato fries that probably in our top 5 of all-time. Don’t even get me started on their Key Lime Pie. Maybe one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

Karen, the owner, graciously allowed us to come in and take her portrait. DaDeO has a great ambiance. It’s decorated with lots of New Orleans artwork. The location also used to be a bowling alley at one point, so you can find many remnants from the past. There’s neon, and jukeboxes… it’s just a really authentic feeling you get when you’re there. Not kitschy or cliche. FYI, they’ve got a no-minors allowed policy if you do visit (and you should!)

Without further ado. The photos.



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