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As part of our Everything Edmonton project we recently photographed Nevin, chef and co-owner of Drift food truck. If you aren’t from Edmonton, or don’t know about Drift, let me tell you, these guys make some of the best sandwiches you can get just about anywhere. With an ever-changing menu inspired by international cuisine, and an emphasis on local producers, Drift is a really something special. It’s no doubt why they were awarded Avenue Magazine’s 2013 Best Food Truck of the City! Best of all, we made one of our Taste of Photography eBooks out of the whole process. It’s only fitting that we’d make a photo recipe out of a food truck editorial shoot! For more info on the Taste of Photography recipes click here. This recipe will be available for free until July 11, 2013, so get it while it’s hot! We simply require that you “pay” with a Tweet (or Facebook, or LinkedIn).

Click the image below to get your copy of the photo recipe.

Update: This Photo Recipe is no longer available. Check out our newest Taste of Photography Freebies here


-C & O

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