Everything Edmonton Wrap Up

Everything-Edmonton-raised-1000Thank You!

After 8 months of photographing businesses and planning we finally hosted our Everything Edmonton event on May 22nd!  It was a great night filled with amazing local talent.  We just wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come down, enjoy some local talent, and help support YESS.  With all of your help we managed to raise over a $1000 dollars for YESS!  It’s amazing what we can achieve together to help build community.

Special Thanks! 

Special thanks to the speakers, Leroy Schulz, Todd Babiak and John Mahon from make something Edmonton.

And the bands

Special thanks to Bardic Form, Giselle Boehm, and the fight.

And the YESS volunteers

Adrianna and Taylor.

It is amazing to have such talented people donate their time for an event such as this!  Without you guys it would have been just the two of us blabbering on and no one wants to hear that!

All of these people have amazing projects on the go and we highly recommend that you check them all out through the links above.

Wrapping it up

We are very happy with the success of Everything Edmonton.  It was a photo project that quickly turned into so much more thanks to everyone in this city.  Even though the event is over we encourage everyone to continue to seek out amazing things going on in Edmonton and tell people about it.  If you notice that Edmonton needs something go out and make it happen.  Everyone is capable of great things if we put our heads together.

Seriously.. We are almost done

Even though Everything Edmonton is over make sure to come stop by and visit us here some more as we have many exciting endeavours on the go and we would love to share our journey with you!

Stop Talking and show us pictures!

We are lucky enough to have a lot of photographer friends. Even luckier to have Friends who do photography as Shaun did for us on this night.  Here are a few images he captured from the event… Enjoy!

-Thomas and Bryan



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