Perfect Is The Enemy of Done Iceland Photo Blog Wallpaper

Freebie Friday – Perfect Is The Enemy Of Done

We’re going to start trying to give away more freebies here at Cooper + O’Hara! Our manifesto is to provide you with relevant and interesting content that we would read ourselves. And I have to say… we love free stuff!

Today’s freebie is a set of desktop wallpapers and printables (5×7 and 8×10) featuring a photo from Thomas’ amazing adventure biking around Iceland and the phrase PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF DONE. Explanation of why we would use this photo is explained in the rest of the post below.

You can find the downloadable content here, in our new shop area, which we will hopefully be developing more this summer.

Perfect Is The Enemy of Done Iceland Photo Blog WallpaperFreebie-Photography-Printables-Productivity-Perfect-Is-The-Enemy-Mockup1Freebie-Wallpaper-Productivity-Perfect-Is-The-Enemy-Mockup1Freebie-Wallpaper-Productivity-Perfect-Is-The-Enemy-Mockup1


So, how do you use this phrase to improve your life and business? What does it mean, really?

We’ll use Thomas’ trip to Iceland (related post: Biking Iceland) as an example. If you read the blog post you can see anecdotal evidence of risk taking that had some rough patches, but inevitably was a great experience. Thomas didn’t have much prior experience road biking the long distances that he would encounter in Iceland. He is very physically fit and a seasoned traveller but he was by no means as prepared as possible… and he never would be! If he needed to be prepared and was expecting of things to go totally perfect then chances are it never would have happened. The same thing is true when we put together our Everything Edmonton Exhibition and Community Charity Night. Yes, sometimes the devil is in the details, but needing things to be perfect can get in the way of what’s actually important – actually bringing the photo/thing/event/trip into existence.

Another example: we pride ourselves on being excellent service providers. One thing that can sometimes be tough to battle against is the nit-picking perfectionist mentality that we professionals can get into when working on projects, either for ourselves or clients. In the wedding photography industry, for example, the photographer often sets the deadline. I have plenty of friends in that field and I can see how they struggle with giving themselves that leeway of time to make every photo of the 300-500 that they shot absolutely perfect… only to get backlogged with lots of sessions. It’s a slippery slope that leads to being overwhelmed and eventually delivering less than satisfactory results. The client will never notice that extra bit you pined over the photo, but they will definitely care (and when their friend is looking for a photographer – remember) that it took you over a year to deliver their photos.


Bryan says: My lovely fiance´ was the first person to turn me onto this phrase. It perfectly epitomizes the shift I make when getting over my perfectionist hangups and actually start creating and making things happen. Fear of imperfection is one of my top causes of procrastination, and it must stop if I want to be prolific and create work of value. Great work doesn’t have to be perfect.

When I started out, before branching strictly into commercial and editorial photography, I did weddings just like anybody. The one thing I realized after having a bit of experience under my belt is that you need to hit on editing those images hard and fast. While the event is still fresh in your mind you tend to focus on the events and the emotion and getting the images to them, because you’re just as excited for them to see them! If you wait, you’re going to start focusing more on the technical stuff, like maybe the lighting wasn’t that great during such and such part. The fact is, we’re constantly improving, and it’s easy to think that the old stuff isn’t as good because now you know everything. Wake up call: it’s just because it’s not as new and novel to you anymore, so you tear it apart! You have to remember that the client sees it much differently than you, and you need to let go of your perfect, and provide them with what they need – timely photos, and good quality. 90% of the way to perfect is still better than 100% missing-in-action

We hope you enjoy the freebies. What kind of free stuff would you like to see in the future, and what did you think of this one? Comments below, please!


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