Fuji X10 – The Super Cool, Portable Camera of My Dreams

While being down in Calgary, I thought I’d check out some Kijiji ads since I’m in the market for a new travel camera, since I recently bought a flight to New York for July!

I was looking at the Fuji X100, since the X100s was released, but I was constantly drawn to the X10, the youngest sibling in the Fuji family. I found a great deal, and that’s all she wrote.

Here’s the first shot I took with it.

It’s smaller, and doesn’t have all the features and quality of it’s big brothers, but for what I need it seems so far to be perfect. The only sizeable downside to this camera is there is no information displayed in the viewfinder, which is still an odd thing for me to get over.

You can tell from the photo above that it has good tonal range, and an interesting look to it. Looking forward to some more street photography, and being able to have a camera on me almost always.

Do you have a camera you can constantly bring with you?

iPhone? Point and Shoot? Canon 1DX with 400mm F4L? Comment below.





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