Interesting Church Architecture Photography near Calgary, Alberta

On a recent trip to Calgary I was looking out for interesting buildings to do some architecture photography, and I came across this church in Okotoks. The architecture on the roof is resembling a sail on a ship. I did a variety of angles. highlighting the symmetry from the front; however, I wanted to show this one to highlight the sign, which I found really interesting.

I shot this as a panorama, using that technique to get good depth of field from the sign all the way to the church by focusing on the sign for some images, and the church for others and then layering them.

I’m looking forward to the summer, where there will be no more awkwardly half-melted snow that I have to avoid. My feet were also practically frozen because I had to wait for the perfect light levels to get a good colour in the sky. Ah! “Spring” in Canada…




  1. This church is near my friend’s place and I saw it for the first time on reading week. It reminds me of a spaceship from the other angle.

    1. Author

      Oh really? I was actually staying in a condo near there that I might move into in the fall. Now I know you can come visit, ha!

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