Keg N’ Cork Liquor – Everything Edmonton

Another Everything Edmonton update!

Here are some photographs taken of The Keg N’ Cork Liquor Company. They’re currently our personal favourite store to find craft beer in Edmonton. They have 700 different beers in their Das Cooler. Lionel (the man featured below) was telling me it’s probably closer to 900 now, but it takes awhile to do a recount!


The Keg N’ Cork has a great Growler Station. If you don’t know what a growler is, it’s a bottle (large or small) that is sold to you that you can refill with draft beer that they have on tap at the store. Keg N’ Cork is special in that they cycle their draft beer selections very often, and offer some very interesting beers from all over the world – The Oregon Coast, Montreal, New Zealand, you name it! You can check out what’s currently on tap as listed on their website.

We hope you enjoy the photos and the progress we are making on this project. We’re having a great time meeting all these interesting and talented people in Edmonton.

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