C+O Photograph Folk Musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

We recently had the opportunity to photograph Michael Bernard Fitzgerald when he came through Edmonton.  For those who are unfamiliar with his work, you should definitely take a listen.  He writes very upbeat and catchy songs and puts on one hell of a live show.


This was one of the bigger names we have photographed in our young career so we wanted to make sure we were prepared and not wasting any time.  While Michael was doing sound check we set-up three different shots so that as soon as he was done we could very quickly get him through the shots and on with his day.  We also decided to complicate things by having him crowd surfing in one of the images.  This required gathering up anyone we could find willing to hold him up… (Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard to find girls willing to take this on.)


The first shot below is of Michael in the seats. He’s a pretty silly guy, so we tried to incorporate that in the shot by putting his feet over the chair.


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

After about three minutes we did this portrait of Michael against the wall of the venue.  We took about five shots and then this big natural smile came across his face, I probably said something stupid, and we got the shot!


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Finally,  we did the “Crowd surfing shot.”  We brought all of the volunteers over and Michael, very willingly, allowed a bunch of strangers to hold him up as I snapped a few images from above.


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
All in all the entire shoot took about 10 minutes.


Michael is one of the most genuine people you could ever meet.  He is one of those contagiously optimistic people who you just can’t help but feel happy around.  His willingness to participate in all of the different photographs just shows how easy going and approachable he really is. At the end of the shoot he even made sure to put any of our volunteers on the guest list who wanted to attend.


The Concert he was performing that night was called “Way to Loud, Way too Big.”  By the end of the night he had over one-hundred people on stage including dancers, a choir, a children’s orchestra, and a full band.   It was an amazing experience and I encourage anyone who hasn’t to check out the next Michael Bernard Fitzgerald show.


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