Nike esque sports shoot

Back in February we had the chance to photograph some athletes at a local high school to help promote their athletics program  It would have been easy to create the dull and boring shots we are all used to seeing at high schools, but we decided early on to try and create images that would be more reminiscent of something you would see in a Nike or Adidas ad.  These kids are crazy good athletes and deserved to have some awesome shots of them excelling at their sport.

Lighting / Geeky talk

Here is a BTS shot of our lighting set-up.

BTS sport shoot


As you can see from the image we used two  strip boxes as rim lights and a gridded octabox as the main light.  We also had a white shoot through umbrella providing a little fill for their feet.  The key to creating that gritty look is turning the rim lights up about a stop more than the octabox.  What this does is create that very distinguished highlight hitting the athletes sides. As you can also see from the test shot we were in regular gyms for the shoot. We made a conscious decision as soon as we got the job that we would shoot at a fast enough shutter speed to turn the background to black and create a nice and clean background.  This also made it easy for the school to insert their logo at the top of the images without competing with clutter.



Final thoughts

It was awesome to have the chance to create some high school sports images in a professional manner.  The athletes were awesome kids to work with and super excited about the results which always makes it rewarding.  It’s always nice to have the creative freedom from the client to create the images we had imagined from the start.


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