Oregon Coast Surfing Photo Essay

Oregon-8This weekend I had the chance to meet up with some of my family and drive down from Vancouver to Oregon for a weekend surf trip.


My family loves surf trips and try and make them happen as many weekends as possible. It’s a chance for us to all catch-up, (living in different cities), have a few drinks, eat Burritos and surf.


Usually, once we get to the surf destination, I find it hard to fit in anything other than meals as we are in the water 6 to 8 hours trying to make the most of the weekend. Every trip I bring my big DSLR with all of the lenses, but never end up shooting anything because I’m enjoying myself too much in the water to want to get out.


For the last few months I had mentally decided that I would sell my Fuji x100, and therefore wasn’t using it much.  But right before this tripI downloaded the new VSCO profiles for Fuji and felt inspired to shoot with it again.  I decided that I would document the first day of the road trip down the coast from Vancouver to Oregon.


I started shooting at 6a.m and captured shots right until sunset 12 hours later.   I found that telling myself to shoot everything got me into the mindset of always having my camera with me.  This and the fact the camera could easily fit inside my jacket pocket made it undeniable easy to carry it all day.   There are definitely shots in the day I still missed, but overall I’m happy that I took time out of surfing to capture some candid moments of the trip.


Here are a few select images from that day.







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