Photographer’s Christmas Wishlist

Usually we prescribe to the idea that a photograph of an interesting moment or expression with good composition is far better than one taken with better gear.

Well, you can say “gear is good, vision is better” till the cows come home, but sometimes you just can’t stop daydreaming about that new gadget or lens. Photography gear can be expensive and maybe that makes us greedy bastards to want more when we already have a good kit, but here’s our Christmas wish list this year. So if you’re listening, Santa, hit up B&H photo store and bring back some goodies on your way to the north pole. Thanks, dude.


Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid wacom-cintiq-companion-hybrid-3qtr


Wacom pen tablets are crucial for doing high-calibre retouching. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work directly on the image? This new android tablet combined with Wacom technology does just that. Wicked.

Lastolite 5’x6′ Collapsible Background (white) t385x360_e0b09b559d431149ed1feafb8e00f053


Recreating Richard Avedon’s American West? A classic white background can really isolate your subject and draw out the details of a good character portrait. This pop-up background would be fantastic for traveling light.


Rode Mic: Rode_VideoMic_917425


A good travel microphone for picking up ambient noise and close-up interviews for a good price.


GoPro 3+ Black GoPro_HERO3+_1003301


Shoots 4k video, which alone is insane!  Besides that it also shoots 60Fps, which allows for a beautiful slow motion video at full 1080 resolution.  In less geeky terms.. stop reading this and go buy the camera because it’s that good.


Shoulder Stabilizer 41xZlJCQDCL._SY355_


A nice travel stabilizer for run-and-gun video work.


Underwater Housing photo-main


Finally an underwater housing at an affordable price.  It scared me a little bit at the start, but I have seen very respectable photographers use it very successfully. The chance to shoot underwater photography for this price is too good to pass up.


Tri-Grip 218271


A great diffuser for travel photography.  One assistant can very easily hold it and a small flash at the same time creating a fantastic soft light source.


Lee Filter Hood 146769


Neutral Density filters are very popular these days but they can come with a pretty hefty price tag (especially if you have to buy multiple ones for different lens sizes). We’d prefer our filters to do double duty, so a cool looking hood that can also hold high-quality ND filters sounds great! Oh yeah, did we mention it makes your camera look badass?

Lexar Workflow Station 10871b49d6bd0d5fc75b1027b8078e55-575x518


The new Lexar Workflow station allows you to simultaneously upload 4 cards at once at U.S.B 3 speeds.


40mm Pancake Lens f8bde4be1731e2956bb6e2b5bdf21534-156x350


The 40mm lens from Canon provides a sharp image at it’s wider apertures for a very affordable price.  The size and price also make it a very good travel lens.


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