Photography Freebie – Production Book Template

We just finished up a full-day shoot yesterday that was involving a large number of both interior photography, detail shots, and both individual and group portraits. With all that going on we wanted to be as prepared and organized as possible, as should you!

We were turned onto the idea of a “production book” along time ago by one of the photographers we look up to – Chase Jarvis. We thought we’d share our thoughts on what’s important for a Production Book/Document on a smaller scale shoot than his usual helicopter-insurance/visa-traveling/carnet-weilding type of big production jobs.

The biggest thing for us was having a detailed checklist of the shot list (or call sheet, as video production people like to call it). Having some general info about the creative direction, and contact info of important people also adds credibility by showing that you took care to think about the job and put together a thorough document without going over-the-top. Also include some space to write down extra notes as they come up throughout the day (and they will come up).

You can view/download a PDF of the document below. We’ve removed personal information to respect everyone’s privacy.

click-through to view/download PDF

click-through to view/download PDF


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

question: What do you do to stay organized and make sure you get all the photographs you need?


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