Pool Shark – An Editorial Photo Pool Party

I was in Lethbridge over part of the reading week break, and connected with an old friend and fellow photography aficionado, Sierra. Sierra is a great athlete, excelling in a variety of sports, including swimming. I wanted to photograph her in her element and produce an visually and emotionally interesting environmental portrait, one that could be put in the genre of an editorial photo for a magazine. Here’s some of the variety I got within the session. First is my top choice.

Three ideas that were reinforced in me from this shoot.

1. Gesture and expression are as important as ever. Sell the story to your subject, and the story will come through in the photo.

2. Simple light is good light too. Something looking “lit” is more distracting than something that meshes well with the environment, and looks like it could naturally occur. Color balance/color interaction using gels is very important for this.

3. It’s a good thing that principal 2 – simple light can also be good light – is true because it sure as hell is hard to light anything intricately around a pool.

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