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Cooper & O’Hara went out to photograph another unique feature of the Edmonton community as part of our Everything Edmonton project. Rapid Fire Theatre is an improv group in Edmonton that has been delivering laughs to the city since 1988!

The Details

They run two different types of shows weekly. Theatresports is a form of improv where teams are pitted agains each other, performing improv challenges based on audience suggestions – then the crowd votes on who was funniest.

RFT Theatresports runs on Fridays at 7:30pm and again at 10:00pm.

Chimprov, RFT’s long-form improv show, runs on Saturdays at 10:00pm.

Improvaganza: Every year, Rapid Fire Theatre hosts Improvaganza, a Theatresports festival bringing in teams everywhere from British Columbia…. to Colombia, South America. It’s an amazing thing, special to Edmonton!

The Shoot

With Improv shows/skits often being such a rollercoaster, we thought how better to photograph the RFT group, than ridiculously reacting to an imaginary performance. Apathy – Shame – Jubilation, a whole range of emotion (for those not familiar with improv, if the audience feels the performers did something offensive or objectionary, the crowd can shout out shame, and the actors will be “punished”… muahahah).

Without further ado. The photos… and a GIF!


We shot a series of images as the excitement went from a 0 to 10! Comedy and GIFs just go together, so behold: Cooper & O’Hara’s first GIF!


Click through this link to view the animated gif larger

some detail closeups:


Check out Rapid Fire Theatre at the Citadel in downtown Edmonton. Have you been to RFT or other improv show before? Comment below!



    1. Thanks, and you’re very welcome! We’re happy with how they turned out and we appreciate you and RFT gang being a part of the Everything Edmonton project as well. Hope to work with you again in the future!

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