San Francisco Travel Photography Essay Pt. 2

Continuing on with the photo essay of beautiful San Francisco, this week I’m sharing a few more photos of the city – including a few common tourist haunts like Alcatraz, and also the highlight of the trip: a Sidewalk Food Tour taking place in the Mission district!


Street cars and Cable cars from San Francisco, and imported from other cities like San Diego and around the world provide unique transportation in SF. Still efficient, albeit slower, we took a trip on one all along Embarcadero and past Alcatraz’s boarding point, along the Fisherman’s Warf, and eventually stopping so we could walk to Lombard street (most “crookedest” street in the world), before we would return to the docks for our boat to The Rock.


Soooo steep


Top of the switchback section of Lombard Street which has 8 hairpin turns!

Heading to Alcatraz next.san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1438san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1448Alcatraz Island is a weird and beautiful contrast of unique natural elements and industrial ruins.

san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1549san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1559san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1498Inside the prison is also a beautiful contrast with a LOT of beautiful natural light streaming in and bouncing off of everything white (pretty much everything) and making it feel very open and just kind of beautiful… but then there are bars and cells everywhere and the reminder that it was NOT very open, because… maximum security prison. san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1463san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1474The view of San Francisco so close, but impossible to get to even with escape must have been an even greater punishment.san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1491san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1482san-francisco-photo-essay-canadian-commercial-travel-photographers-1532The audio tour and other historical information accesible on the island was put together really well. Jessica and I both learned a lot about the history of the place. I had never even heard anything about this but in the 70’s, sometime after the prison had been closed, a group of Natives claimed the island as Indian land and set up a colony as a protest/demonstration for a return of Indian land in other areas in the US. They lived on the island for about 2 years! You can still see remnants of their occupation.


Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe has delicious food and an interesting history. It’s very inexpensive if you’re looking for amazing sandwiches in North Beach.


On the way back to the Muni train from Alcatraz and dinner we walked through Chinatown at night. Mostly quiet, and full of eclectic neon signs. Like this one.



The Women’s Building is a “women-led non-profit arts and education community center, which advocates for self-determination, gender equality, and social justice. The Women’s Building The mural that collectively covers all sides of the building is called MaestraPeace


inside Taqueria Cancún. One of the best Taqueria’s in the city!


The Lung Shan Restaurant is actually the location of Mission Chinese Food, originally a pop-up restaurant that serves ‘whimsical’ americanized chinese food. They’re so popular they don’t need to properly advertise their location!


At the end of all that deliciousness and learning I took a quick portrait of Casey, our tour guide. She was honestly the best tour guide I’ve ever had for anything. Thanks for making the tour the highlight of our trip, Casey!

And here concludes the photo essay. What have you seen and done on any visits to San Francisco? What was the highlight of your trip?


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