Saskatoon Food Scene

We were assigned by Avenue Magazine in Edmonton to travel to Saskatoon to photograph a number of restaurants. We also got to explore the food scene and up-and-coming Riversdale area on our own. Saskatoon opened its doors to us and by the end of our short two-day trip, it felt like everyone we met had become a friend.

That’s just the kind of place Saskatoon is. And the food is delicious.


After the original article in Avenue, these photos were also picked up by Tourism Saskatoon and Westjet Magazine. We’re glad the word is getting out and Saskatoon is getting the credit it’s due.

below is a curated collection of the images from the trip, but not inclusive of everything taken.
  • Saskatoon Shines Sign Photo
  • Saskatoon Famers Market Fonos Fish Local Sign
  • Produce-At-Farmer's Market in Saskatoon
  • Cool Street Sign of 20th St W in Saskatoon
  • Riversdale in Saskatoon cool community
  • Saskatoon-Portrait-Jackson-Wiebe-Collective-Coffee
  • Jackson-Wiebe-of-Collective-Coffee-Saskatoon
  • Scout Food Truck Saskatoon
  • Thrive Juice Saskatoon restaurant interior detail photo
  • Danica Slattery of Thrive Juice Bar in Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon-Maile-Crowe-of-Thrive-Juice
  • Thrive Juice Saskatoon Owners Maile Crowe and Danica Slattery
  • Mini-Growler-Filling-9-Mile-Brewery
  • Drift Restaurant Saskatoon
  • Golden-Dragon-Cool-Restaurant-Exterior
  • From-The-Hollows-Of-The-Forest-To-The-Hollows-Of-A-Dark-Bar
  • Chef Kyle Michael in The Hollows Kitchen
  • Cool steel textured menu at restaurant
  • The-Hollows-Saskatoon-Restaurant-Interior-Design-Vintage-Mid-Century-Modern
  • Chef-Christie-Peters-picking-herbs
  • Chef-Christie-Peters-with-Fresh-Herbs
  • Saskatoon-Food-Dandelion-Garnish-in-Kitchen-The-Hollows
  • The-Hollows-Restaurant-Saskatoon
  • Dandelion Fritters from The Hollows Restaurant
  • Raspberry Panna Cotta with Matcha Sponge Cake
  • Roasted Bone Marrow with Squid Ink Aioli
  • Dandelion-Gimlet-Cocktail-at-The-Hollows
  • Top-Down Photo of Table Full of Food
  • Saskatoon-Restaurant-Interior-Photography
  • Golden-Wallpaper-Asian-Inspiration-Restaurant-Interior
  • Woman-Cleaning-Wine-Glasses-Cool-Restaurant-Bar
  • Chef-Portrait-Christie-Peters-The-Hollows
  • Portrait-of-Chef-Kyle-Michael-The-Hollows
  • Kyle Michael and Christie Peters of Primal and The Hollows