Sunday Share – Martin Prihoda: The Trouble With Being Creative

Happy Sunday everybody!


Here in Edmonton we had a massive snow storm in the second half of this week. The first half was very busy and exciting for us since it was the first time Thomas and I had actually been able to work together in person in over 2 months! We did two creatives on Wednesday and the whole week was mostly about experimenting and when the snow kept us inside we could still be thinking big. It was very refreshing.


Here’s a preview from one of our creatives:



That’s Warren from The Easy Rider in Edmonton SUPing on the nearly frozen North Saskatchewan River


Okay, and now for the share:


Martin Prihoda is a Canadian-born photographer who moved from Vancouver to Mumbai a couple of years ago. He has some amazing advertising and editorial work, and an interesting perspective on life and photography. I stumbled across this post he had yesterday about “being a creative” and it makes sense with a lot of things Thomas and I felt this week – this sort of electricity followed by a stillness and clarity about what was important.


check it out here: Martin Prihoda – The Trouble With Being Creative

“Learning to be creative has more to do with un-learning and de-habituating than anything else.”


After that check out his portfolio at




Question for the comments: What do you do to express your creative energy when you have to stay inside?

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