Sunday Share – Our Van View

Happy Sunday!

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and can take some time to kick back and relax. Here’s something we saw this week that we thought was really cool and inspiring.


Jon Gaffney (@thevanman) and Gale (@she_explores) quit their jobs, fixed up a beat-up 2004 Dodge Sprinter into a cabin on wheels, and are now traveling around the US and Canada.

“They’ve so far seen over 4,500 miles of road, 6 National Parks, 17 states, innumerable National Forests, and a few Walmart parking lots”

from an article on Goal Zero’s blog that also talks more about some of the technical bits of their solar powered van. Goal Zero makes really cool stuff. You should check them out.

So Jon and Gale are doing this really fantastic photography collaboration project called Our Van View – since every day the view from their bedroom window changes. If you love the outdoors and beautiful photos it is THE instagram account you should follow. @OurVanView

More info on their travels can be found in this post on Huckberry’s Journal. Huckberry is also a really interesting website. Just go look.

p.s. If you still want a chance to win a pack of postcards featuring some amazing photography Thomas has done while traveling around Europe, all you have to do is head to the Cooper + O’Hara photography Facebook page, like us, and like the Part 2 of Europe post we shared their this week (so that we know the people we can select from). Do it before Tuesday, we’re announcing the winner this week!

Thanks, and happy Sunday Funday!


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