Sunday Share – Tips on reading from Ryan Holiday

For this week’s Sunday Share we thought we would point to some great advice on reading from Ryan Holiday (his website here: Ryan Holiday – Meditations on Strategy and Life). For those who aren’t familiar, Ryan is a media strategist and prominent writer. He served as director of marketing at American Apparel when he was ridiculously young. He is also the author of some awesome books: Trust Me I’m Lying, The Obstacle is the Way(amazon link), and Growth Hacker Marketing(amazon link).

 2 Simple Rules That Great Readers Live By (But Never Tell) 

Ryan can be controversial in his writing, and his motives (but mostly because talked about it openly), but I think most visionaries are polarizing. These two points are so black and white that they are good reminders to keep with you when you are debating whether to buy that next book. And remember, like “you are what you eat“, you are what (and how) you read

I myself am currently reading Creativity, Inc.. and Bryan is reading Powers of Two. Hopefully everyone is taking some time this Sunday to dive into a good book.





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