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Working Remotely / On The Road

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to get the creative and productive juices flowing. Here’s tips and tools to help create and pack your road-ready mobile office and be prepared for anything.

Photographer’s Christmas Wishlist

Usually we prescribe to the idea that a photograph of an interesting moment or expression with good composition is far better than one taken with better gear. Well, you can say “gear is good, vision is better” till the cows come home, but sometimes you just can’t stop daydreaming about that new gadget or lens. Photography gear can be expensive …

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Building Your Own Light Modifiers

Cooper & O’Hara are going into manufacturing! Using only the latest in cardboard and tinfoil technology the R&D team at Cooper & O’Hara have developed the “Jumbo” Mini Softbox! Okay, so not really, but we did build these DIY mini softboxes for a reason (not to sell them). The mini strip boxes provided the optimum shape of light to rim …

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Fuji X10 – The Super Cool, Portable Camera of My Dreams

While being down in Calgary, I thought I’d check out some Kijiji ads since I’m in the market for a new travel camera, since I recently bought a flight to New York for July! I was looking at the Fuji X100, since the X100s was released, but I was constantly drawn to the X10, the youngest sibling in the Fuji …

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Assisting Commercial Photographers – What To Bring

I’m down in Calgary over the weekend, and some of next week assisting a top notch commercial photographer in the city. I was hoping to finish editing this cool promo shoot of Thomas and I, but my laptop is dirt old, and the file is mega huge, so it was getting to be cumbersome. Look forward to that, but for right now, …