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24th birthday thoughts

I think a lot of people that know me think of me as a laid back guy who doesn’t worry or have issues. That’s pretty inaccurate though. Like anyone, I am constantly afraid of failing, doing the wrong thing, messing up, saying the wrong thing or figuring my life out. I thought this year would be a good time to talk, not about the daily stresses we all have, but certain ways I deal with them.

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Sunday Share – Tips on reading from Ryan Holiday

For this week’s Sunday Share we thought we would point to some great advice on reading from Ryan Holiday (his website here: Ryan Holiday – Meditations on Strategy and Life). For those who aren’t familiar, Ryan is a media strategist and prominent writer. He served as director of marketing at American Apparel when he was ridiculously young. He is also the author of …

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Make The Image Only You Can Make

What is about you that makes you different and separates you from others within your craft? This is a very important question. What kind of responses do you first think of? Go ahead, write them down specific to you, I’ll wait. If you feel like it, share it in the comments below. For example, last week Thomas posted about his band, …

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Become a Wealthy Photographer in Two Simple Steps.

People often go into a business for the wrong reasons. Maybe they come into a large sum of money they can invest, and they’ve always wanted to get out of their 9-5 job with a boss. So start a business. Whatever, doesn’t matter as long as they are free to be their own boss, right? Get lots of money and …

Balancing Work and Pleasure

So as you might know, if you read my previous post, Travelling as a Photographer, I am vacationing in Maui with my girlfriend’s family.  It is always great to be by the ocean enjoying the warm weather. However, it is sometimes difficult to get a lot of photography work done when you are always with people.  For example, you never want …