Taste of Photography Tutorial – Battista’s Calzones

Another Taste of Photography tutorial!

In case you don’t know. Taste of Photography is an ongoing tutorial series where we go through and explain the process of creating various photos. You can get the PDF tutorial for free for the next two weeks! (Until July 18th)

The unique twist to these tutorials is that the process is explained in the form of a recipe. Like with cooking, you can learn how to replicate a “dish”, and over time you’ll be able to create your own photos without a recipe by using a combination off all the various “ingredients” and tools at your disposal. For more info click here

This Recipe will teach you how to make a photograph like this:

A few of the topics covered:

  • Finding the right angle
  • Using grids on your strobe modifiers
  • Underexposing the Ambient Light
  • Adding extra value photos
  • and more!



Some preview images of the PDF

The recipe does not cost money, but we do ask that you pay with a tweet, facebook share, or linkedIn share.

Click on the image below to download this recipe (it will send you to a pay with a share website, and afterwards hook you up with the PDF)


-C & O

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