Here are the current photo recipes that are available as free downloads via “pay with a tweet, Facebook share, or LinkedIn post”. Click an image below for access.

What is Taste of Photography?


The idea behind the recipe book is to allow you to log on every Thursday, download the recipe, and learn about everything that went into a  certain shoot in an easy and fun way.  Each recipe will contain the Ingredients – liquid and dry, (concept and gear).  It will then have the Method, providing diagrams breaking down the lighting setup, composition, etc..  After that will be Plating, ( Post-processing/Photoshop).  Finally, Digesting (Summary).  After reading a recipe you will be able to create a very similar image to what we have created, but that isn’t the goal of the recipes.  Each recipe will have different tips and tricks to take away from the lesson.  Our goal is that you will not only copy the look, but use each tip and apply it to your own style.  To relate it to cooking it would be like using the recipe over and over until you become comfortable enough to start adding your own spices to it.

Who is it for?

These recipes will be geared toward anyone looking at receiving a little bit more knowledge about the craft.  Certain recipes will be more advanced than others, but they will have important take-aways for all levels.  Our goal is to provide an education for anyone who is truly looking to better themselves and their craft.

How much does it cost?

The great thing about these recipes is that they are free!!!  Every Thursday you can go to our website and download the new recipe.  All you have to do is pay with a tweet.  This means that your twitter will pop up and prompt you to tweet a link to the recipe.  If you don’t have twitter there will be Facebook and Linkedin options as well.  Each recipe will only be available on our site for two weeks, so make sure you act fast.

After a certain number of weeks the pre-existing recipes will be compiled into a recipe e-book. This book will provide the same recipes you have received for free on our site along with extra information that expands on every topic.  The e-book will be broken up into appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  The actual e-book will progress in a linear fashion from simpler concepts and set-ups to more advanced knowledge.


Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction.  You are almost at the part where you can download the first recipe!  We are very excited about this project and hope that you are too.  As we said before, our goal is to provide you with real world applications of techniques that you can then go and apply to your own style.  We hope these  recipes will provide you with a drop of  knowledge, an ounce of inspiration, and a dash of fun!

Without further ado, the first recipe!