The Inspiration Machine that is Google Reader Just Died

We’ve talked before about ideas, inspiration, and the general creative processes we go through to remain recharged and excited about work. With the advent of the internet, the world became a much smaller place, where everyone could share their amazing creativity with everyone else. Because of that, there’s a lot of amazing material out there that everyone can become inspired by, and it’s a big circle of creativity going on and on.

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However, there’s also A LOT of noise out there, and once you find some good sites that you like to frequent, it would be nice to get their updates. This is where RSS comes in. But how to collect all the RSS together. Google, being the technological maven that it is created Google Reader to do such a thing. Millions of people use Google Reader to cull from the internet what they want to read. Now, Google just announced they’re killing it as of July 1st… Boom.

I’m pretty heavy internet user, but it’s mostly to read what I would describe as my personal periodical of awesome. Things that I’m interested in, from Food, Architecture, Business, Science… and of course lots of a large variety of photography. Inspirational commercial photographers like Greg Heisler I might see featured on Strobist, and then be inspired by a friend’s latest photoshoot at Wanderlust Weddings. Or I might drool over the new Fujifilm camera at Fstoppers, then right after read about David duChemin touting the importance of vision over gear. This is all possible because of Google Reader. I use it every day.

There’s lots of RSS readers out there, sure, but most of them are built to stay in sync with Reader, so when I’m reading something on my laptop with Reeder, but on my phone using Feedly looks amazing, and then on my tablet I use HD Reader because it’s got great offline capability, because the tablet is WiFi only… and on and on. Reader made sure I wasn’t having to look through what I already read, and it makes organizing things very easy. I never thought I’d be sad about losing a piece of technology, but I’m definitely going to miss Google Reader. I’ll let you know when I find a replacement. I feel the same was as when your favourite band breaks up. We’ll always have Paris, Google Reader. I’m glad I got to say goodbye before you passed-on to the big technology dirt nap.

Lets all take a moment of silence.



p.s. Google, you’re stupid. Fix this.

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