Travel Announcment


Today I am leaving for Africa and Iceland for five weeks!  It is very surreal that the months have finally ticked down to this day of departure.  The next five weeks will be an amazing adventure filled with all sorts of new experiences.  I hope to use words and pictures, (the pictures will be better than the words) to share this experience with you while I’m away.


*side note

Before I continue I thought I should mention that if you are a client of Cooper and O’Hara, do not fret.  Over the next five weeks I leave you in the hands of the very capable, better half of the company, Bryan Cooper.


While in Uganda I will be working closely with USTOP to help document all of the great work they are doing in and around the hospital.  Please take a minute to quickly check them out at the link HERE.  Over the course of my time in Uganda I will be doing a number of video and still image projects.   These projects will hopefully be able to tell a story that travels much further then individual voices ever could and help the program expand and grow.

It is always great to help out where you can, as small of a part I may have.  I am not naive to the fact though that in the end it is myself who will benefit the most from these experiences.  The stories, friends, and memories that I gain are the reason I will continue travel. It’s nice to know that when I’m old and grey I will at least have a few good stories to make up for lost hair and hearing.

Thank you to everyone for your constant support.  I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all.