Travel Update

Bonjour!  Thomas here. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.  I thought I should write in and update people on my status.  On September 15th I left with my girlfriend to Europe for a two month expedition. The trip is not entirely photo-based, but I will reveal the goal of the trip as it comes to fruition around the 22nd of October.

I recently read Chris Guillebeau’s new book, “The Happiness of Pursuit.”  It was a very fitting book to read while completing one of my own goals.  It also got me thinking about what traveling has meant to me.

We at Cooper and O’Hara have always valued travel very highly.  On a personal level I believe it can educate you in a way traditional schooling systems can’t.  It teaches you to look at the world in new and interesting perspectives.  Everyday is a new adventure with endless possibilities.  Even the simple idea of planning a trip can bring a new excitement level to your everyday life.

In a way I think our company philosophy is closely related to how we travel.  We create an initial plan, but allow for changes and modifications as new possibilities present themselves.  We rely heavily on collaboration whether it is friends or strangers and all along the way we try not to lose anything.

There are many cliche saying about traveling, but I just like the idea of creating lasting memories.

If anyone would like to take a guess at what my goal is that I will complete around the 22nd of October, you can e-mail or comment on this post.  The closest guess will get a postcard of a photo I shot on this trip.

Hint:  The goal was travel related.



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