Trying out a Standing Desk – Productivity Booster

I’ve read plenty in the past about standing desks, and the benefit on your health and productivity. I never really thought of trying it, since I’m so tall, and it seemed like an arduous thing to construct. Well one day I was working a lot around the house while doing photo edits and responding to email, etc. and I noticed that my energy to keep going and doing things went down considerably when I sat down in the chair. It was better for me to stand, even if it was awkward for my height.

So I’ve played around with a couple of different potential setups and I resolved to construct something permanent.

Here is the mess that it is now:

A very very temporary solution in trying out the standing desk.

I’m gonna be buying a RAST nightstand from IKEA this weekend and designing something more permanent. I’ve also got to get a mini display port to DVI adapter, which I already ordered for less than 10 bucks off ebay. The ones from Apple were 30 dollars! WHAT?

An update to follow hopefully next week. I’m really curious: what kind of a desk setup do you have and why does it make you productive? Comment below.




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