Victoria Fat Tire Bike Photoshoot

Cooper and O’Hara recently returned from a trip that brought the company to Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino B.C.  It was an amazing trip that allowed for so many great experiences and a lot of shooting. Our company is always trying to shoot more adventure sports and outdoor activities.   This trip was a good chance to expand our portfolio in that regard. Today we will focus on a bike shot we did in Victoria.

We had the chance to shoot Pat, a bike Enthusiast who has been around the world biking.  He had recently been demoing a new Surley bike.  This bike has super thick tires allowing you to climb right over rock.   It is a totally different type of biking and we were excited to be there to capture it.

Below is the final Image.  Pat’s best friend Oscar even jumped in for the shot. If you look closely you can even see the faint remains of a rainbow in the background.


After this shot we were sitting having some beers watching a seal playfully splash in the water, just enjoying the view thinking how lucky we were.  Eventually the light dropped and we grabbed the camera and headed down the rocks to shoot a few landscapes to cap off a perfect evening.

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